Hamsa Soham is a startup in healthcare space, which is here to change the healthcare scenario in states, which are left behind. It specializes in healthcare domain. Hamsa Soham dedicates itself to establish, improve and run healthcare facilities . It shall provide expertise in one and every aspect of modern hospital and health management.

Hamsa Soham Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. offers you professional software solutions and services that allow you to harness the power of I.T. resources deployed/being deploy in your premises.

During setup of Hospital/Healthcare, generally people compromise on few desktops, non redundant servers, passive network and billing software. But in this fast growing digital world, Healthcare IT creates a milestone in care of patients.

Information Technology, now playing a vital role in healthcare to provide the excellent services. And in this way, we at Hamsa Soham, can provide the complete solution for any Small, Mid or Large healthcare group. The main goal of health IT is to improve the quality of your care. Our Soham e-Kshitiz (Hospital Information System) keeps keen eye on Out and In-Patient’s Medical as well as their Financial records. A separate part from HIS, EHRs can enhance routine medical care by reminding your doctor about the timing of appropriate preventive services for your general well-being or about specific issues related to managing chronic conditions.

Health information technology offers a better way of establishing that hub for the following:

Consider for a moment all the different types of information that make up your medical record and all the different places that information can come from:

  • Medical history, including diagnoses, medications, and allergies, from current and past doctors, emergency facilities, and school clinics.
  • Immunization history, from current and past doctors, school clinics, workplace clinics, health departments, pharmacies, and emergency facilities.
  • Laboratory results from physician office labs, hospital labs, and independent labs.
  • Medical imaging, from a doctor’s office, radiology offices, hospital radiology departments, and independent imaging centers.
  • On other hand Soham e-Diagnostic (Laboratory Information System) is capable to prove digitalization of Laboratory Services.
  • In the same way Soham e-Clinic (Clinic Management System) provides an excellent way to handle the clinical solution.


  • To establish hospital IT infrastructure and operationalize.
  • Develop different cost effective software solutions for hospital operation.
  • Preparing Hospital IT Plan & budgets, executing it. Automation is the key.
  • Entitled to deliver project on time within approved budget and excellent quality for smooth functionality.
  • Dedicated support team available 24 x 7 for mission critical operations as required for healthcare organization.


At a Glance


Hospital Information System


Diagnostic Management System


Clinic/ Poly Clinic Management System


Employee Self Service portal

Designing & Hosting Services

Website, VPS, Business Emails, SEO



School management System



Hamsa Soham has a team of dedicated and hardcore head-bangers, who live with a passion for perfection. We are committed for perfection. With our extensive Line of support and round the clock Availability we are Into Healthcare IT solutions which includes, Designing IT system, creating network, developing and servicing Healthcare software and Websites.


We are committed to world-class customer service and support demonstrated by its outstanding customer service record, 24 x 7 coverage, local service and support,Chat,Voice Chat, Online Web Ticketing System per year.

Web-Ticketing System - Client can use this link to submit a request to our technical support department. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be assigned to your case and pride you the personal support you need.

Telephone Calls - Client can avail voice support option on which the concerns can be done.