Why Choose Us!

In Healthcare IT, generally people think that a server, a software, a network and some desktops are enough to get their business in right way. But in this fast growing digital world, picture is not same. So, in Soham IT Services, we plan a good hardware and network equipments that can reduce operational cost with high security and high availability. With us, anyone can track the achievement in medical or financial terms or both of them. With health information, there is always a great concern for privacy, especially in this volatile digital age, where identity thieves and other information crooks are constantly developing new ways to compromise the computer systems you already use. We are here to protect. Our specialized business intelligent tool helps to track past activity and future planning to grow business in clear way.

Our Soham e-Sameer (Intranet) also helps organizations to keep track of healthcare support services including Directory Service, Call Tracking System, Online Survey and Media Gallery with different MIS Reports. Soham e-Sameer solutions implemented in-house can provide professionals better ways to communicate in real-time. Soham e-Sameer is a product that proves our-of-the-box creative thinking and ability of our R & D Team

Apart from this, our platform independent products will also play a major role in cost reduction. By using our platform independent products, it becomes easy to keep eyes on business from anywhere at lower cost. The bane of this industry is when medical errors make a patient’s experience less comfortable or even puts them in danger. Structured Healthcare IT can help prevent errors, promote accuracy, and sustain procedural correctness at every level of the organization. We believe in the use of technology and out-of-the-box creative thinking. We are transforming creative ideas into next generation cutting-edge technologies through consistent research and development process. Computer systems streamline the many different medical care processes, allowing for a more productive treatment experience. With our products and services, patients can get more access to their own medical records, personalized healthcare information, and opportunities to take a more hands-on role in their own care.

Healthcare is about providing much needed services for humans, and any healthcare IT plan needs to keep the human experience in mind. Some people worry that focusing too much on IT can create an impersonal process. We are aware of the issues and work closely with the organization to develop a balanced system that doesn’t alienate patients. To learn more about solutions for your healthcare business, schedule an IT analysis with us for your growing healthcare business.